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The Follow-Up Series To Postpartum- Life After Birth.

Including Six New Interviews With Industry Specialists

Figuring out how to be a mum isn’t the easiest thing. The health needs of your body and your baby in the first twelve months after pregnancy can feel overwhelming. Featuring a new line up of respected healthcare professionals, the second Postpartum interview series further explores postpartum themes that every new mum inevitably experiences. 

  • From low energy in the midst of sleep deprivation

  • Feeling unqualified dealing with new born health concerns

  • Learning to prioritise health as your body recovers

  • Not knowing when to begin solids or what first foods to feed baby

  • Feeling confused about helping baby reach physical milestones

  • Experiencing decreased libido

During postpartum, we face unique recoveries, individual challenges, new highs and lows along with shifting family dynamics.

If you are:

  • Expecting a baby

  • planning for parenthood

  • A first-time mum

  • A new mum again

  • Have purchased Postpartum- Life After Birth

You will love the newest resource I have created for you 


INTRODUCING: Postpartum- Discovering Motherhood

The Follow-Up Series To The Popular Postpartum- Life After Birth Interview Series, Including Six New Interviews With Industry Specialists

With an overwhelming response to Postpartum-Life After Birth you can now enjoy Postpartum- Discovering Motherhood. 

Join me as I dive deeper on the topic of postpartum with new interviews focusing on the health needs of the mother as well as the needs of the baby from 0-12 months.

This is your guide to postpartum and the unknowns every mother faces.

Enjoy listening to six relatable topics with six respected healthcare professionals.

Postpartum is a time of finding yourself in a new way. In a new role.

As a mother of three (my youngest arriving in early 2019) I have found there is still so much to learn about postpartum, even the third time around. 

Believe it or not, there are things I didn’t experience in my previous postpartum journeys that I am now learning with my third baby.

Had I been equipped with more knowledge I would have felt more confident to navigate postpartum. My search to fill in the gaps of knowledge ultimately became the reason for this new series.

How will Postpartum- Discovering Motherhood help you?

Inside Postpartum- Discovering Motherhood you’ll find six comprehensive interviews with respected healthcare professionals who are industry specialists in their field.

Learn all about:

  • Postnatal Depletion & Rebuilding Your Health

  • Soothing Newborns, including challenges like reflux, colic and tongue ties

  • Best food sources for optimal postpartum recovery and lactation

  • Introducing first foods; when to and what babies need

  • Promoting baby’s physical development

  • Changes in libido

All conveniently packaged as a digital bundle for you to listen to anytime

Join me as I interview six respected industry specialists who will guide, inform, advise and encourage you through your early days and months with baby

Inside Postpartum- Discovering Motherhood 

  • 6 comprehensive interviews focusing on topics every mother faces.

  • Answers to real questions submitted to Australian Birth Stories

  • Available as a digital bundle. Conveniently listen at a time that suits you

  • A cost-effective way to receive specialist advice without paying for expensive consultations or leaving the comfort of your home

  • Lifetime access. Listen as many times as you like

  • Save when you Bundle Postpartum- Discovering Motherhood together with Postpartum- Life After Birth

Here’s what you’ll learn

Session One: Postnatal Depletion and Recovery

Dr Oscar Serrallach Author of The Postnatal Depletion Cure: A Complete Guide to Rebuilding Your Health and Reclaiming Your Energy

Oscar throws a spotlight on an important and often overlooked postpartum topic. 

He explains:

  • The meaning of the term Postnatal Depletion

  • What mother’s bodies experience during postpartum

  • The Essential minerals & hormones new mothers are often depleted in

  • Supplements and foods that are effective in restoring health and supporting breastfeeding needs

  • The importance of sleep and meditation

Session Two: Newborn Soothing & Health Challenges

Dr Howard Chilton is a highly regarded Paediatrician and author of the book Your Cherished Baby. Dr Chilton discusses:

  • How to recreate the womb and the primitive nature of babies

  • Howard defines term colic and how best to soothe a baby

  • How to differentiate between colic and reflux

  • Tongue ties when and if they should be cut

Session Three: Best Food Sources for Postpartum

Learn from Heide Sze Dietician and Author  as we explore:

  • Nourishing food ideas to build and restore a mothers strength post-birth

  • The added pressures of breastfeeding on the body and how to support lactation

  • Primary food groups and best sources for optimal postpartum recovery

  • How to supplement your diet with whole foods

Session Four: First Foods

Featuring Midwife and Nutritionist Luka McCabe we discuss:

  • When to introduce solids to babies and why

  • The best first foods to offer

  • The nutritional requirements of a 6-month-old baby

  • Why we shouldn't be using rice cereals and pre-packaged foods

  • The pros and cons to serving Purees versus baby-led weaning

  • Some great first foods and how to prepare them

Session Five: Supporting Your Baby To Reach Physical Milestones

Paediatric Physiotherapist Alana Gardini discusses physical development and common concerns such as:

  • Neural pathways and how a baby’s brain growth is connected to movement

  • Flathead syndrome- How to recognize and prevent it

  • Hip dysplasia- How it is diagnosed and treated

  • The importance of tummy time and what you can do to promote it

  • The contraption hop phenomenon (moving from car to capsule to bouncer) and why babies need to move on the floor freely

  • What is normal for crawling styles and when we should expect our babies to start walking

  • Shoes- How to get them fitted and when to use them and what to look out for in a good first shoe

Session Six: Libido

Sexologist Chantelle Otten speaks openly about sex and the silent issue of decreased libido amongst mothers including:

  • The physical challenges women face post-birth and how these affect sex

  • Libido- Why it’s decreased and how to rekindle feelings

  • Birth trauma and sex

  • Sexual activity to help get back into the groove

  • How to discuss sex with your partner

  • How to manage different sex drives in a relationship

  • How to feel sexy in your new role as a mother

It’s all here for you in one place. 

Soak in postpartum knowledge from healthcare specialists for less than it costs to book an appointment with one of them.

Forget trying to figure it out on your own, stop googling and hoping
Experience the confidence Postpartum- Discovering Motherhood delivers 

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I love bringing you the postpartum interview series. My hope is to equip you and free you from any concerns or worries so you can belong in the moment with your baby

My name is Sophie Walker and I live in Melbourne with my husband Jonathan. We have three very active little boys who are 5 and 3 years old and 6 months. I have a Masters in Public Health and strong interest in Women’s Health.

I’ve been interested in babies and birth since I was very small and was thrilled to be able to further immerse myself in all things birth when I became pregnant with my eldest son, Niko. Despite planning for a drug free, birth centre birth I ended up having a 36 hour labour with a hospital transfer, induction, epidural, episiotomy, forceps and then a postpartum haemorrhage. So second time around I tried to skill myself up with as much information as possible to prepare myself for a second attempt at an unmedicated birth centre birth. With a two year old toddler and a part time job I found myself listening to podcasts and trying to find and listen to all things birth related.

After achieving a beautiful birth with my second son I have now decided to create Australian Birth Stories to help collate as many birth stories as possible. This podcast will serve as a library of women’s birth stories from right across Australia.

With love, 

Sophie Walker 

Founder and Host

Australian Birth Stories

Build your postpartum confidence in an encouraging and convenient format

Save when you Bundle Postpartum- Discovering Motherhood together with Postpartum- Life After Birth.

The Follow-Up Series To Postpartum- Life After Birth Is Here.

Introducing Postpartum- Discovering Motherhood Including Six New Interviews With Industry Specialists focusing on the health needs of the new mother as well as the needs of the new baby from 0-12 months.

Save when you Bundle Postpartum- Discovering Motherhood together with Postpartum- Life After Birth.