55 | Nikki Jurcutz Emergency Caesarean Reduced Foetal Movements Gestational Diabetes

In this week’s episode, I interview Nikki. Nikki is the CEO of Tiny Hearts first Aid and a qualified paramedic. Nikki conceived quite quickly when she and her partner finally agreed to try for a baby. Unfortunately, they lost their first baby at 10 weeks. They decided very quickly to try again once they were given the all-clear from their doctor and they went on to conceive their daughter Nahla Fox. Nikki explains feeling very anxious throughout the pregnancy due to their previous loss and combined with morning sickness, hyperthyroidism and gestational diabetes Nikki said she did not enjoy her pregnancy.


At 36 weeks gestation Nikki went to bed and both her and her husband were marveling at how active Nahla had been. She was all over the place and then she suddenly stopped moving. Nikki went to the bathroom, which usually leads to Nahla moving around and still nothing. Knowing she had an ultrasound booked for the morning Nikki decided to wait until the morning. After a restless and anxious night of little sleep, they made their way to the hospital. The doctors discover that she was in fact not moving as much as they would have liked to see. The baby had also not grown since her previous scan and they decided it would be best to try and induce Nikki. To hear more about Nahla’s delivery tune into this weeks show.

Topics included: miscarriage, gestational diabetes, hypothyroidism, reduced foetal movement, emergency caesarean, NICU, low blood sugar, transfusion, Tiny Hearts First Aid

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