Daisy Cooper Ceramics 

“Hello I wanted to write and say what a wonderful podcast and instagram account you have created. Coming from the UK I had no idea about the Australian hospital system and was a little scared of giving birth here but listening to the amazing and empowering stories almost every day back to back (until I had caught up) really helped me feel at ease with how it all worked here. My midwife was even mentioned a few times with was lovely. Our baby boy came into the world completely out of the blue 5 weeks early, but having listened to all the amazing stories I felt calm and empowered and ready to take on anything that might happen, being that he was premature. We had a very fast natural birth, a week in special care but we are all now happily home safe and healthy and I’m still listening to your podcast just to feel the buzz after experienceing it for the first time myself.

Thank you for creating such a wonderful platform and sharing truly amazing form that is the birthing woman.”

Emmy Leeson

“Just wanted to say keep doing what you’re doing as your podcasts are amazing! I listened to every episode leading up to the delivery of my second son a few weeks ago. I had an amazing intervention and drug free VBAC- the polar opposite of my first delivery. I felt so equipped with knowledge after listening to all the amazing women you interviewed. Who needs birthing classes when you can tune in to your show.”

Renee Born

“Your podcasts are the most amazing thing. Thank you for creating so much life changing information. I am first time pregnant and pretty scared about the birth. Finding it pretty hard to believe my body could possibly open like that. These incredible women’s stories are so inspiring its making me change my whole perspective. Loving every single podcast and thank you so much from Dubai.”

Stephanie Blakely

“I just wanted to say thank you so much for creating this podcast!  I’m 4 weeks at the moment and I’ve just discovered ABS.  Its so wonderful hearing women’s different experiences directly from them.  This is my first child and not many of my close finds have children so I’ve found your stories so helpful already.  Thank you for creating such a real, valuable resource for women. You’re amazing. “