In this week’s episode, Alice Bingham discusses the births of her son Cruz and daughter Winter Rose. After struggling to conceive for 9 months Alice was over joyed when she became pregnant. Alice’s labour with Cruz began with her waters going and then an unexplained bleed which was very traumatic. As contractions hadn’t started and her water’s had gone, Alice was induced to progress the labour. Alice had an epidural and pushed for 30 minutes and had her healthy baby boy. On day three Cruz was admitted back into the hospital to have 24hours of phototherapy to treat jaundice. Alice was admitted back into the pediatric ward for Cruz's treatment and she was able to have some one on one assistance with a lactation consultant which really helped her gain confidence with breastfeeding.


With Alice’s second pregnancy she only tried for one month and she was able to successfully fall pregnant with Winter. She discusses how she became quite anxious towards the end of her pregnancy as she was nervous that she might have another big unexplained bleed and need to be on constantly monitored. At 39 weeks after a very long labour of walking and another unexplained bleed Alice was admitted. Alice had an epidural but she went from 6cm to 10cm very quickly in 45minutes so there wasn’t enough time to get the epidural completed. She was able to birth her baby with the assistance of her husband, midwife and a mirror. 

Alice also shares the challenges of bringing a second child home. She shares how her toddler ignored her for most of the first week when she brought her daughter home. We discuss the feelings of maternal guilt and readjusting to life with two children.

Topics covered in this weeks episode: placenta abrasion, jaundice, phototherapy, induction epidural, toddler jealously, lactation consultants, sciatic pain.

Alice In Healthy Land


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