Hello Australian Birth Story fans. 

Each week it takes between 6-8 hours for me to make appointments with the guests, do the interview, edit the show, source the images, update the webpage and write the blog post. I love making the show but its quite difficult to do late at night while the kids are asleep.

I know a lot of you enjoy the show and some have said I’ve helped them prepare mentally for the challenges of birth.

I know that Podcasts are free to listen to, but unfortunately, they're not free to make. There are equipment costs, hosting costs, travel costs, production costs, file server costs and editing software fees.

If you could spare just $5 a month, (that's about one coffee in Melbourne these days) you'll be helping me bring you four amazing episodes of the show. It would make a huge difference to me and help me find the time to possibly increase the number of shows I can release each month. 

I’ve currently got over 230 women who have submitted their story requests and are dying to share their experiences with you. I've got some great ideas for the show moving forward but at the moment I just don't have the time and money to invest in them further.

Please don't pledge anything if you can't afford it. However if you can afford to give back what you feel the show is worth to you, I'd be most grateful. 


xxx Sophie