In today’s episode, Kayleigh takes us through her two births. At the age of twenty, Kayleigh went off the contraceptive pill and found that her period didn’t return for over 12mths. She turned to acupuncture to try and regulate her cycle and was able to menstruate again and fell pregnant the following month.

During her first pregnancy, Kayleigh experienced morning sickness and later developed tachycardia ( a heart rate that exceeds the normal resting heart rate).  Kayleigh’s labour began with her waters leaking in the evening at 39 weeks. After a prolonged second stage, three hours of pushing Kayleigh had a big bleed and was rushed away to theatre leaving her husband behind holding their new son. 

During Kayleigh’s second pregnancy she developed kidney stones at 28 weeks.  Initially, she thought she was going into early labour. She was just about to get a steroid injection in preparation for a premature delivery when tests showed that she, in fact, had kidney stones. Kayleigh’s kidney stones passed after several days in the hospital where she was monitored and given IV fluids.


At 38 weeks Kayleigh noticed she had reduced baby movement one morning. Midwives came over and found her baby’s heart rate quite easily, however, the baby wasn’t moving as much as the midwives would expect. The doctors decided to induce Kayleigh based on the reduced baby moment. Nervous she would have another bleed Kayleigh had an epidural put in place but asked them not to give her the actual drugs unless there was a sudden emergency. To hear more of Kayleigh’s story tune into the show.

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Topics included: PCOS, tachycardia, kidney stones, epidural, retained placenta, acupuncture, reduced fetal movement.