In today’s episode, I interview Karla Rose. Karla shares her pregnancies and births with her daughter Mini and her son Ruko. At 42 weeks Karla woke at 1 am and her waters went as she went to the bathroom. Contractions began quite quickly after her waters broke and she made her way to the birth center. After an intense contraction at the center, she got into the bath while she was transitioning. Mini was born into the water and her husband Ben delivered her. When she was born they were cuddling Mini for nearly 40minutes before they thought to check to see the sex of the baby.  To hear more about Karla’s pregnancy with her son Ru and his birth tune into the podcast episode..

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Topics covered: birth center birth, Byron Bay, water birth, postpartum bleed, Mullumbimby, rupture of membranes prior to contractions, castor oil, Tweed hospital, retained placenta, breastfeeding, engorgement, nipple shields.

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