40 | Eliza Curby Three Babies in One Year, Twins, Caesarean Sections

In today’s episode, I interview Eliza Curby. Eliza shares how she fell pregnant for the first time after being with her partner for just three months. Eliza and Ben were thrilled as they had wanted to start a family quickly. Despite not being covered for Private Hospital care in pregnancy, Eliza wanted to go to the hospital where her mother worked as a midwife. After a healthy pregnancy, Eliza began her labour at home and was 5cm dilated when she went to see her doctor. Things took a turn when her baby became distressed and Charlie was delivered by caesarean section. 


A few months after Charlie’s arrival Eliza discovered she was pregnant with twins. Although a complete surprise Eliza and her partner were overjoyed to hear they would be adding identical twin boys to their family. To hear the challenges of carrying twins and chasing another baby around tune into this weeks episode.

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To connect with Eliza online:  Twingenuity 

Topics Included: Caesarean, Diastasis Symphysis Pubis, steroid injections, identical twins, reduced foetal moment, North Shore Private Hospital, jaundice, weaning, TENS machine, Rite Aid Hydrogel breast pads, Hypnobirthing.