Beth Johnson

In today’s episode, I interview Beth Johnson. Beth shares her two pregnancies and births with us. Beth recalls her first pregnancy as beautiful and uneventful which resulted in a lovely water birth through the midwifery program at Sydney’s Royal Hospital for Women. Seven years after having her first daughter, Beth married her partner Jonathan and they conceived their second daughter on their honeymoon. Beth was terribly sick with ‘all day’ morning sickness. At 20 weeks when they went to have their routine ultrasound the doctors discovered some abnormalities in Marley’s facial structure.

During this incredibly stressful time, Beth underwent countless ultrasounds. She also had an amniocentesis test administered which all failed to determine why her baby’s lower jaw seemed hard to detect in the scans.  It wasn’t until Beth met with the midwife Kate Dwyer (who’s a Clinical Midwife Consultant High-Risk Pregnancy, Coordinator Midwifery Group Practice/Maternal-Fetal Medicine), at Sydney’s Royal Hospital for Women. Kate quickly diagnosed Beth’s baby girl with Piere Robin Sequence.


To hear more about Piere Robin Sequence and how Beth’s high-risk pregnancy unfolded tune into this weeks show.

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Topics covered: high-risk pregnancy, Piere Robin Sequence, Sydney’s Royal Children’s Hospital, nasal gastric tube (NG Tube), soft cleft palate, NICU, sleep apnoea, sleeping prone, reflux, amniocentesis.  

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