42 | Elise Raquel Three Vaginal Births, Trisomy 13 risk, Midwifery Care

Today’s episode of the show I interview Elise Raquel. Elise takes us through her three vaginal births. Elise’s first daughter Peyton was born in a private hospital in Perth under the care of her private obstetrician. Elise did little birth preparation, however she knew she wanted to try for a natural drug-free delivery. At 37 weeks, Elise went in for an antenatal appointment and they discovered that her blood pressure was elevated. At this time the doctor began discussing the possibility of induction. Elise did everything she could to bring on labour naturally and she went into labour spontaneously at 38 weeks. After a long labour, Elise was given an epidural and she pushed out her daughter with the help of a vacuum delivery.

When Peyton was 6 months old, Elise began to connect with other mothers online and she began hearing stories of birth center and water births. She knew at this time that with her next baby she’d like to try for a waterbirth under the care of a midwifery team. During her second pregnancy with her son Xander, Elise had a challenging period of time when it was believed her baby boy would be born with Trisomy 13. Despite the doctor's recommendation for a placental biopsy and amniocentesis, Elise decided to do the Harmony blood test and await the results before having any invasive procedures. Thankfully the Harmony test came back all clear and her pregnancy progresses routinely from then on. Elise was given the all clear to continue with her low-risk birth plan to deliver at the birth center.

To here how Xander’s birth unfolded and to hear the birth of Elise’s third child, Willa, tune into Episode 42 of the podcast.

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Belle Verdiglione Photogrphay