77 | Emm Engelman IVF Natural conception, Kidney stones, Pancreatitis

In today’s episode, I interview Emma Engelman. Em started trying to conceive shortly after getting married at the age of 23. With no friends who had had kids or were trying to conceive she felt she had very little understanding of menstral cycles or tips or tricks in trying to conceive. She had been on the pill Depo-Provera for 3 years and hadn’t had a period during that time. After a year of trying and being unsuccessful, Emm saw an obstetrician who prescribed Clomid. She went on Clomid for 5 months to try and regulate her cycles. She found the hormonal surges and other side effects very challenging. She decided to come off the drugs and try naturally again. Her husband who is a little bit spiritual said: “We need to visualize the baby coming and prepare a nursery”.  So Emm went and bought a fancy nappy bag and pram and found out she had conceived her first child naturally shortly after.

To hear more about Emm’s first pregnancy in which she got both Pancreatitis and kidney stones, tune into this weeks show.

Topics covered: IVF, Clomid, egg transfers, kidney stones, pancreatitis, natural conception.


76 | Kirsty Farrugia Two Vaginal Deliveries Private and Public 3rd Degree Tear

In today’s episode, I interview Kirsty Farrugia. Kirsty shares her two birth experiences with us. She had her first child through the Public system at the Mercy Birth Centre in Melbourne. She had Oliver with the support of her doula and husband. Kirsty then had her second child in Sydney through a Private Hospital with an Obstetrician. To hear more tune into this week's show.

To connect with Kirsty and her Feels Like Home Professional Organisers  here   You can tune into the Podcast she co-hosts The Art of Decluttering Podcast  here   

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Kirsty Farrugia Just born
Kirsty Farrugia Breastfeeding

75 | Kara Demmrich Two Vaginal Hypnobirths

In today's episode, I interview Kara. Kyal and Kara have been together since they were both 16 years old. Kara explains that while Kyal was ready to have kids for quite a while, she just didn’t feel quite ready. She woke up one day and out of the blue she just felt a sense of readiness. She fell pregnant straight away more or less and began to feel nauseous quite early on this lasted until she was 16 weeks. They decided to go through the Private system despite their private health not covering them yet. They booked into a new clinic with Dr. Peta Skilbeck.

For the last few weeks, Kara felt she was going to go early. She found those days dragged. She tried everything, walking stairs, castor oil, and acupuncture. To hear more about Kara’s births tune into this weeks show.

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Topics covered: acupuncture, delayed cord clamping, breastfeeding, an oversupply of milk, nipple shields, hypnobirthing, active labour.

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74 | Anna Thurlow Two Induced Labours, Premature Membrane Rupture, Breastfeeding Journey

In today's episode, I’m interviewing Anna Thurlow. Anna takes us through her two induced vaginal deliveries. In both Anna’s pregnancies,  her membranes ruptured prematurely at 35 weeks. Anna also shares her challenges with managing an oversupply of breastmilk and making the difficult decision to have her son’s tongue tie cut. To hear more of Anna’s story tune into this week's show.

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To connect with Anna : The Not So Perfect Mum

Anna Thurlow

73 | Emma Isaacs Five. Homebirths

In today’s episode, I interview Emma Isaacs. Emma takes us through her five home water births with a private midwife. It wasn’t until Emma was 32 weeks in her first pregnancy that she decided she’s like have a home birth. She found it quite challenging to find a private midwife who would take her on so late in her pregnancy, particularly as it was her first birth. 

Up until 30 weeks, Emma was terrified of childbirth. Her mum started a ritual that they’d blow out their birthday candles and then she would tell their birth story in great detail including having 32 stitches. She knew she needed to change that narrative for herself ignorer to go into her own births with a more positive mindset. She read every book available, she went to Calm Birth and she did a course through Marie Burrows (from Birthing Rites Australia ) Her first birth was a water birth at home, the most empowering experience of her life.

To hear more tune into this weeks interview.


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Topics covered: Home Birth, private midwife, Marie Burrows (Birthing Rites Australia), Calmbirth, Business Chicks.

To see more pictures and a video of Emma's with birth click HERE

72 | Anna Abbott Elective Caesarean, VBAC Missed Miscarriage

When Anna and her partner decided to have a child she began watching One Born Every Minute religiously. After they got married and they moved into their own place she began tracking her cycles. When they were ready she joined a" trying to conceive" online forum. After trying for two months, Anna planned a holiday to Thailand surrounding her window of ovulation and she successfully fell pregnant on her well planned trip  Anna booked in with private obstetrician who she felt had an unusual bedside manner however she initially felt she could trust him. When Anna was 30 weeks her Obstetrician said she had high blood pressure and he prescribed her some blood pressure medication which she reacted to. He was quite vague about if she needed to take them or not. She then went in to see him at 39+5. He was adamant that she needed to a caesarean at 40 weeks and he said he was not prepared to care for her beyond 40 weeks. Having paid all the fees they felt they had no other option but to follow his guidance and have a caesarean section. To hear more about Anna’s journey tune into this weeks show.

Topics covered: Private Obstetrician, breastfeeding challenges, missed miscarriage, depression, gastric sleeve surgery, successful VBAC, DNC, grief, and loss, Ngala https://www.ngala.com.au

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71 | Nicola Cross Vaginal Delivery Epidural

In today’s episode I interview Nicola Cross. Shortly after getting engaged, Nicola went and saw her doctor as she was having some issues with breakthrough bleeding and pain whilst taking the pill. Both Nicola and her partner Pat always intended to have children in the future so Nicola decided to go off the pill. To their surprise, a short time later they found out Nicola was pregnant. With a history of fertility challenges on both her and her partner’s side, Nicola was expecting to have a long journey to falling pregnant. Thankfully they were very lucky. They went through shared care with her public hospital and her local GP. To hear more of Nicola’s pregnancy and birth tune into this weeks show.

Topics covered: Induction, waters breaking, epidural, afterbirth pains, acupuncture, engorged breasts, acupuncture.

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70 | Caitlin Four Vaginal Deliveries Postpartum Haemorrhage

In this week’s episode, I interview Caitlin Langford about her four pregnancies and births. Caitlin fell pregnant shortly after losing her mother. She and her husband had decided to wait to try and conceive as Caitlin was grieving and they had planned an overseas trip. Shortly after running a marathon, Caitlin found that she was struggling to recover and felt lethargic and as if she was coming down with something. To her complete surprise, she was intact 7 weeks pregnant. To hear Caitlins pregnancy and birth stories tune into this weeks show.

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water back .jpg

69 | Danielle Symes Two Vaginal Births, Postnatal Depression and Anxiety, Third Degree Tear

Danielle had decided with her partner that they would start trying for a baby at 27 and they fell pregnant literally on their first attempt. Danielle’s reaction was not what she had expected at all. She was freaking out. Even though her pregnancy was planned, she realized she wasn’t 100% ready. She read over a million books and never really came to terms with her pregnancy. Danielle became so preoccupied and anxious with how she would come when the baby came that she didn’t really focus on the birth itself. To hear more of Danielle’s story tune into this week's show.

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BW Side profile Danielle.jpg
BW Dad and baby.jpg
First latch Danielle.jpg
Mini latch Danielle.jpg

68 | Sarah Bell Burch Three Births, 4Year Old Son Present

68 | Sarah Bell Burch Three Births, 4 Year Old Son Present

In today’s episode I interview Sarah Bell Burch who shares three pregnancies and vaginal deliveries. Sarah was 25 when she fell pregnant with her first son Remi. After living overseas for several years she had come home to settle in Australia in her husband’s home town of Cootamundra. Sarah woke at 830am on the morning of her due date with a contraction and labour unfolded from there. In this episode Sarah shares having a retained placenta in two of her births, mastitis the challenges of breastfeeding and toddler weaning, and the joy of having her little boy Remi present for his sister's birth.


67 | Felicity Cook Pelvic Instability, Vaginal Delivery

In this week’s episode, Felicity Cook shares her challenging pregnancy with her little girl Tilly. One year prior to trying to conceive Felicity saw her gynaecologist and kinesiologist to make sure her hormones and cycles were balanced. Her husband also had his sperm count checked. They then fell pregnant very easily in her second month of trying. On the recommendation of a close friend, Felicity booked in with a private obstetrician at the Mater Hospital in Sydney. Felicity suffered from a lot of physical pain during her pregnancy. From 20 weeks her pelvis became quite unstable. To hear more about Felicity's journey tune into this weeks show.

Today's episode is brought to you by Bree Downes Birth Support & Photography. Bree is a Melbourne based doula and birth photographer.  Having worked as a doula for 10 years Bree supports women to have the births they envisage for themselves by providing emotional, physical and informational support throughout their pregnancy and birth. 

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FelicityBW family pic.jpg
Tilly home.jpg
Tilly on bed .jpg

66 | Gemma Pranita Infertility, IUI, Antenatal Depression positive Induction Experience

In today’s episode, I interview Gemma who takes us through her struggles with unexplained infertility. Gemma was able to conceive her daughter Raffaella with the help of one round of intrauterine insemination (IUI). Gemma was surprised to find that shortly after she conceived Raffa she began to feel unexpectedly depressed. To hear Gemma share her struggles with antenatal depression and the way Raffa’s birth unfolded tune into this weeks episode.

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Images by: Melissa Jean Photography 

 Processed with VSCO with a6 preset
 Processed with VSCO with a6 preset
Gemma skintoskin.jpeg
raffa in bed.jpeg

65 | Teresa Palmer Two Vaginal Deliveries, Retained Placenta Manual Removal

In this week’s episode, I interview Teresa Palmer.  Teresa and Mark tried for about 5 months to conceive and were unsuccessful. Teresa then found out that she ovulates later in her cycle that she had thought. With this knowledge in hand, she was able to fall pregnant the following month.

Teresa felt her pregnancy with Bodhi Rain was pretty uneventful. She had wanted to be a mother her whole life and so to be pregnant was the most exciting thing she had ever navigated. She loved every moment of it. She felt very well with minimal pregnancy symptoms. She found out her baby’s gender at her 11-week scan. 

Tez family Pic.JPG

She had planned to have a home birth in America. She had witnessed a home birth of one of her best friends when she was 11 weeks and she ended up hiring the same midwife she had seen navigate a very challenging birth. She read all of Ina May Gaskin’s books and watched her documentary.

Teresa and Mark got married when she was 6 weeks pregnant. At 36 weeks she started a hypnobirthing course. At 38+6 Teresa’s waters broke while she was in bed and they began to get really excited and called their midwife. The midwife said to rest and come in the morning. She went in at 11 am and it was confirmed that her waters had infant broken.

To hear more about Bodhi’s birth and Forrest’s tune into this weeks show.

Topics covered: waters breaking, castor oil, hypnobirthing, acupuncture, birth pool, home birth, hospital transfer, breastfeeding, posterior baby, fever during labour, Dr. Paul Crane, manual extraction of the placenta, tandem breastfeeding, 

To connect with Teresa's Your Zen Mama

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Tez and boysA.JPG
TezMarkand Bodhi.JPG

64 | Bonnie Antenatal Depression, Induced Labour

In this week’s episode, I interview Bonnie. Bonnie suffered terribly with morning sickness and then antenatal depression throughout her pregnancy. Living in the UK at the time with her husband, Bonnie had planned for them to return to Australia when she found out she was pregnant. Bonnie shares very openly about suicidal thoughts and regularly discussed with her husband her feelings that she couldn’t be a mother and that he would need to raise the baby himself after the baby was born.

To hear more about Bonnie’s very difficult pregnancy and how she connected with some very supportive staff through St John of God Hospital in Perth, tune into this weeks episode.

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Topics covered: Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction, antenatal depression, migration, morning sickness, arrhythmia, exercise in pregnancy, psychologist, induction, postnatal anxiety.

If you or someone you know needs help please contact:

Life Line: 13 11 14

PANDA : 1300 726 30   


63 | Kristy Joyce Triplets Born via Caesarean Section

In this week’s episode, I interview Kristy Joyce. Kristy had trouble conceiving after having her first son Mason and sought the help of fertility specialists. She began the process by taking Clomid to help assist in egg stimulation. Just before Kristy was about to have IVF she discovered she was pregnant with triplets. Despite being advised that Clomid can lead to the possibility of having multiples, Kristy and her husband never dreamed it would actually happen to them. To hear how Kristy managed her high-risk pregnancy and the safe delivery of all three beautiful babies tune into this week's show.

All four.JPG
Nicu big brother.JPG
Trippet girl NICU.JPG
nICU Tripplets.JPG

62 | Lacey Barratt Four Birth Stories, Doula and Birth Photographer

In this weeks episode, I interview mother, Doula and Birth Photographer Lacey Barratt. Lacey fell pregnant quite unexpectedly at the age of 22 whilst backpacking in Darwin. Lacey describes herself as feeling violently ill and was throwing up multiple times a day throughout her first pregnancy. Lacey connected with her local GP and she delivered through the birth center in Darwin. Lacey was unsure of what was deemed ‘normal’ for morning sickness however she was concerned about her weight and she felt very run down and dehydrated. Lacey delivered her first baby at 41 and a half weeks after days of prodromal labour with a posterior baby.

There is a just 15mths difference in age between Lacey’s first and second children so it came as quite a surprise when she fell pregnant again.  To hear how Lacey went on to have a home birth and private midwifery care in her subsequent births tune into this week's show.

To connect with Lacey click here: https://laceybarratt.com.au

Topics covered: Hyperemesis gravidarum,  posterior position, prodromal labour, anterior lip, birth stole, methadone, lounge tie, prolapse, anemic, free birth, gestational diabetes, placenta prints, 

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61 | Anna McGahan 33 week Premature Emergency Caesarean Delivery

In this weeks episode, I interview Anna. Anna fell pregnant just six weeks after getting married catching both her and her partner by surprise.  Despite having a couple of scares early on in her pregnancy with a car accident at 5 weeks and a small bleed after a fall in a recreational sports game, Anna said she had a beautiful pregnancy. She had read books such as Birth Skills by Juju Sundin and she was preparing for a drug-free natural delivery through the Mercy Public Hospital in Melbourne.

At 32 weeks Anna started to have a very strange feeling she would have her little girl early. She read two accounts of women who had had babies at 33 weeks on an online forum she was part of. One woman and had delivered a healthy prem baby and the other had a stillborn. This tragic loss really rocked Anna during her pregnancy.

To hear more of Anna’s story tune into this week's show.

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Topics covered: concealed abruption, NICU, Emergency Caesarean section, breastfeeding, Mercy Hosptial for Women, reduced fetal movement.

anna family shot.JPG
Anna monitor on.JPG
anna holding on to her hand in NICU.JPG

60 | Kristie Simpson, Vaginal Breech Delivery Public Hospial, Hip Dysplasia

Kristie had been on the pill for 10 years and thought it might take her a little while to conceive. She came off the pill in December and fell pregnant quite quickly. Kristie is a very active gym goer and she found going to the gym each morning really helped with her early morning sickness. Kristie was keen to have a natural delivery and she booked into her local Family Birth Center which was associated with King Edward Hospital. Kristie undertook the She Births birth course online to help her prepare for her pregnancy and delivery. She did the course in conjunction with the Family Birth Center. Kirstie is a Type A personality and felt confident to take the She Births course as it has been proven to reduce rates of Caesarean Section and birth intervention.

At 32 weeks Kristie discovered that her baby was a frank breech presentation, bottom first instead of head first. Kristie was still very keen to avoid a caesarean section and looked into the possibility of a natural vaginal breech delivery.

To hear more about Kristie’s breech delivery tune into this weeks show.

Topics covered: She Births, Hip Dysplasia, Breech birth, private midwife, King Edward Hospital, Family Birth Center, active pregnancy, prolapse, second-degree tear, acupuncture, ECV.


59 | Kirsty Chandler Positive Hypnobirth in Water, Private Midwife

In this week’s episode, I interview Kirsty Chandler. Kirsty fell pregnant in her second month of actively trying to conceive. She spent the lead up preparing her body by cutting out alcohol and caffeine and saw a variety of healthcare providers such as acupuncturists and chiropractors to prepare her body for pregnancy.  Kirsty was very careful in searching for the right care provider for her pregnancy and birth. She interviewed both the midwives at her local Gold Coast hospital as well as the private midwives which worked a short distance from her house. She decided to employ a private midwife for her care. Kirsty also took Hypnobithing classes to prepare for the drug-free water birth she intended to have.

Kirsty laboured at home and spent much of her time on the toilet where her waters went. Her private midwife came to her house to monitor her and see how labour was progressing and she advised she had time to make the journey to the hospital to get into the birth pool there. Kirsty was very well prepared for her labor. She wore an eye mask and had her hypnobirthing Australia track- rainbow relaxation playing in her earphones as she made the journey to the hospital. This helped her to block out any external influences and allowed her to stay focused on her breathing.

Kirsty’s husband checked her into the hospital and then went to move their car from the emergency bay and almost missed the birth as he got lost finding his way back from the car park. River was born gently into the birth pool with the guiding hands of Kirsty and her partner Guy also in the birth pool. To hear more about this beautiful birth tune into this weeks show.

To connect with Kirsty: https://www.facebook.com/birthinharmonygoldcoast/

Topics covered: Breast crawl, hypnobirth, homeopathics, private midwife, yoga, meditation, acupuncture, delayed cord clamping, perineal massage, labia graze.

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58 | Sarah Hocking Legally Blind Two Caesarean Births, Miscarriage, Brain Surgery.

In this weeks episode, I interview Sarah Hocking. Sarah first found out she was pregnant when she was in her first year of primary teaching. The pregnancy came as a shock as they were planning their wedding however they soon became really excited. At Sarah’s eight week scan they discovered they had miscarried their baby. Devastated by their loss, Sarah decided to throw herself into her wedding preparation. 

Nine weeks prior to the wedding Sarah found out she was pregnant. Thrilled to be pregnant Sarah went through the care at the Mercy Hospital in Melbourne. Sarah had had a stroke at the age of 24 which meant she was categorized as high risk during her pregnancy.

Sarah was diagnosed as having placenta previa and as she was on blood thinning medication from her stroke, she had to watch out for any bleeding. Due to the placenta’s positioning Sarah was booked in for a caesarean section. A week before her scheduled Caesarean section Sarah’s vision began to deteriorate and she initially thought it was due to tiredness. She went to see the doctor and she said if it gets worse come back in for more tests.

Sarah was watching the news with her husband and she started crying as she couldn't see the faces of the news readers properly. They decided to go to the hospital and they had monitoring and then the doctor came back in and he thought she should have a CAT scan to rule everything out. At this stage, they were just waiting for results and she sent her husband home for some rest.  At 3 am she was woken when all the lights in her room came on and a team of doctors came in and said “You’re going to be in for a really rough ride. We’ve found three clots in your brain.”   To hear more about Sarah’s journey tune into this weeks episode.

To connect with Sarah and her blog Blind Intuition  

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Topics covered: stroke, legally blind, clean, brain surgery, downs syndrome, DNC, meningiomas, placenta previa, disability, grief, loss, VBAC.

Sarah Surgery and feeding.JPG
Sarah Csection.JPEG
Sarah and second bub.JPG