In today’s episode, Breeana gives a very open and honest account of her struggles with severe antenatal depression in her pregnancy with her son. Breeana’s pregnancy began with severe morning sickness and emotionally she became quite unwell. Supported through the mental health unit at the Royal Women's Hospital in Melbourne, Bree saw a physiatrist throughout the pregnancy and together they decided that the best option to support her mental health was for her to have an elective caesarean. The Women’s were supportive of Bree’s decision and allowed her to book in her delivery.

Thankfully immediately after baby Ari’s delivery Bree said she felt immediately better. Although Bree is extremely grateful that her recovery was quite quick, she wants to reiterate that post natal depression often follows antenatal depression. 


Bree also shares with us her decision to have a tubal ligation after Ari was born. She knew that she didn’t want to have any more children and that she didn’t feel she could possibly go through pregnancy again. Bree touches on issues of guilt and shame at some of her choices she made in her pregnancy but wants to share her experience to help others support and understand antenatal depression in more detail.

Issues touched upon in this episode: Depression, pregnancy termination, mental health, suicide, antenatal depression, severe morning sickness (hyperemesis gravidarum),  tubal ligation, elective caesarean section, anti depressants.






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