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89 | Annaliese Dent Two Births, Pregnancy Insomnia, Fast Labour

In today’s episode, I interview Annaliese. Annaliese shares her two births. She suffered terribly from insomnia from as early as the first trimester in both pregnancies. Eventually, she needed to take medication to aid with her sleep as it was becoming impossible for her to carry out her daily tasks and remain sane. Despite admitting she is usually a terrible sick person, in labour Annaliese was very calm and quiet. So much so that when she went into the hospital in labour with her first the staff through she was in the very early staged and they left her waiting in the waiting room for a long time only to find she was already at 8cm.  To hear more about her story tune into this weeks episode.

Topics covered: insomnia, fast labour, public hospital, urinary tract infection, thrush, breastfeeding challenges.

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