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When Anna and her partner decided to have a child she began watching One Born Every Minute religiously. After they got married and they moved into their own place she began tracking her cycles. When they were ready she joined a" trying to conceive" online forum. After trying for two months, Anna planned a holiday to Thailand surrounding her window of ovulation and she successfully fell pregnant on her well planned trip  Anna booked in with private obstetrician who she felt had an unusual bedside manner however she initially felt she could trust him. When Anna was 30 weeks her Obstetrician said she had high blood pressure and he prescribed her some blood pressure medication which she reacted to. He was quite vague about if she needed to take them or not. She then went in to see him at 39+5. He was adamant that she needed to a caesarean at 40 weeks and he said he was not prepared to care for her beyond 40 weeks. Having paid all the fees they felt they had no other option but to follow his guidance and have a caesarean section. To hear more about Anna’s journey tune into this weeks show.

Topics covered: Private Obstetrician, breastfeeding challenges, missed miscarriage, depression, gastric sleeve surgery, successful VBAC, DNC, grief, and loss, Ngala


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